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The Studio

The Studio sits at the end of our garden near the historic commune of Cherval. Our wooden retreat has windows to both the east and south, with beautiful views across the fields towards La Tour Blanche.


All You Need

Just bring yourself!

At La Croix, we provide everything you need for your class or one-to-one session, including mats, bolsters, straps, knee pads, blocks, and blankets. We even have homemade scented eye pillows as an extra tool for your relaxation. All you need to do is turn up.


La Croix and Nature

Our site is nestled in a lush garden in the gorgeous French countryside with surrounding views of rolling fields and open skies.

  We gather water from the roof in a 1,000 litre water tank situated behind the studio and use this for our chickens and vegetable garden. And with the east and south-facing windows, the sun naturally heats the studio, reducing the amount of artificial heat needed during the winter. Even our lights are long lasting, rechargeable lamps. 

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