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The Benefits Of Yoga For Arthritis

Just because you have a diagnosis of arthritis, it doesn't need to stop you from doing what you love. It doesn't have to mean less mobility, in fact the opposite is true, if you do the research and work within your limits. Arthritis can be a debilitating condition; Your joints hurt and may be stiff through lack of movement through protecting the area to minimise pain. It's real pain; really mind blowing pain that stops you in your tracks. the thought of moment is scary because of that pain and the fear of making it worse. As it worsens over time, the periods of immobility become longer, the pain stronger. Is there a way to ease the pain and make movement easier? Gentle movement is better than no movement. think of an engine. ... as it moves it is greased and lubricated, the cogs turn and the engine whirrs. Motoring up the engine regularly makes a difference as the engine has less down time to seize up.

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