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Hibernation beckons

Evening yogi crew. We are back with a vengeance next week! Gently in to gentle Hatha on Tuesday at 16:30 followed by vinyasa at 12:00 on Wednesday and Brog-aaah at 18:00, Thursday ashtanga at 12 and Saturday hatha flow. We look forward to welcoming you back and all new students welcome who wish to join the crew! All equipment provided just bring you and your aura! We will do the rest. FIRST SESSION FREE. Message me to book a spot.

For the autumn and winter we will be hunkering down with blankets music and candles. Finding that inner "you" and connecting deeply as the body prepares to hibernate" as is natures way. Deep stretching, rest and some amazing extension and flexion to help your body change gear. Natural oils and scented eye pillows with bolsters will help you move from practice to peace and on to your day /evening.

Can't afford to pay? Message me. Yoga is for all and everyone. We are accessible!

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